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Cyberspace. The way to Heaven ~ Nadin Victorya Mazpane


Nadin Victorya Mazpane – Cyberspace. The way to Heaven
Mixed 2018. Top 100 SMyArt 1 position 25.02.2018. a fragment from ”The Star of Wishes” ”Where the way to home? I was looking to the sky of Virtual reality, but not found it… “The God! Why you did reborn me? I`m lost here… far away from my home…”

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Добавлено: 28/01/2018
Альбом: Cyberspace. Nature theme

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Впечатляет работа!!!

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20/09/2018 14:32   #5

Heaven of Heaven

20/09/2018 20:23   #6

The Hero tried to find the way to home from the unknown Cyber reality, but he can`t... the mission is not completed... not yet, but he can`t return and complete it because he died... But the other Hero saw his dreams and want defeat the evil

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