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Cyberspace. The World 3d theme ~ Nadin Victorya Mazpane


Nadin Victorya Mazpane – Cyberspace. The World 3d theme
Mixed 2018. Top 100 SMyART 09.02.2018. a fragment from ”The Star of Wishes” The World 3d theme. ”Where the way to home? I`m lost without you...” ”Please feel his pain...Come… the Star of Wishes!!!” Next moment I saw the amazing shinning on the Virtual heaven…The golden arrow has missed from the Angel`s heart. He slept on his Throne of Light and smiled in his dream. I understood…he had lucky dream…I turned forward and was looking to the abyss…I saw the other Venus reflection again…I think…I saw the ugly witch… The star wind blew… her horrible scream…to me…”

Исходный файл: 6106×2638 px (1.6 Mb)
Добавлено: 20/01/2018
Альбом: Cyberspace. Nature theme

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23/01/2018 04:05   #1

Надин. мне очень нравится колорит ваших работ!

23/01/2018 21:21   #2

Thank you Natalija. First was an ordinary computer painting, after them picture has been changed in 3 or more computer programs, mixed tehnic, after 3d graphics programs computer aerography objects transformation objects modifications tehnics. After them can to create animation movie in virtual reality, or in 3d graphic program.

27/01/2018 23:01   #3

Взгляд вслед за линиями и космическими тонами красок стремится преодолеть плоскость листа, за которой видится другой мир.

31/01/2018 01:15   #4

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20/09/2018 14:28   #9

Beautiful multi-level work!

20/09/2018 20:13   #10

No it is mixed artwork just the one level painting in Paint3D and the same level painting in Scetchbook, it is not Virtual reality`s artwork, just bit an ordinary animation`s movie and rotation 3D

26/09/2018 17:09   #11

26/09/2018 20:54   #12

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