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The Code Enigma 3d mix ~ Nadin Victorya Mazpane


Nadin Victorya Mazpane – The Code Enigma 3d mix
Mixed 2018. Dedicated to Edgar Kronberg. Top 100 SMyART 25.02.2018. A fragment from ”The Star of Wishes” by theme from the Latvian epic poem ”Lacplesis” ”The Fire@The Night”.

Исходный файл: 4800×2729 px (1.8 Mb)
Добавлено: 30/01/2018
Альбом: Cyberspace. Nature theme

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31/01/2018 00:50   #1

Очень здорово!!!

31/01/2018 00:59   #2

My sincerest thanks to you Rimma!!!

31/01/2018 06:42   #3

Просто класс, очень красиво!

31/01/2018 07:10   #4

31/01/2018 11:13   #5

01/02/2018 20:38   #6

эффектное сочетание цвета

02/02/2018 21:40   #7

My sincerest thanks to you all my friends. This my artwork dedicated to the Real Hero with my sincerests thanks and best regards to him. He saved me from terrorist.
Glory to the Hero!!!

21/08/2018 23:54   #8

I see in this art work a deep analysis of the structure of our world.

22/08/2018 14:44   #10

"The way of the lost souls" dedicated to my colleagues from FBI and agents from Latvia...
"The Star of Wishes" mixed Latvian epic poem @ "Ļost Paradise" dedicated to the all Heroes...
We all have got a dreams, but an evil exists in the world... and time by time the world needs a Hero...

22/08/2018 14:14   #9

You right. Unfortunately my Latvian colleague from Rigas Valsts Ekspertize Edgar Kronberg left us forever... Edgar was injured in mission time and has died. He left us forever together with two FBI agents. They were by real Heroes...

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