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Nadin Victorya Mazpane

((Latvia, USA))

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a fragment from Morning star ”The veins of Universe”

3000×1687 px, 1.8 Mb, 15/04/2017
Nadin Victorya Mazpane - Morning star - a fragment from Morning star ”The veins of Universe”

A fragment of interior design. Mixed, modernizm, expressionism, natural minerals, synthetic minerals, painting. 2016.
I was an Angel!! Early morning...the bloody red neon color dawn`s coming again...with an ancient God`s curse returning...I saw myself on the mirror...I`m a monster, just a shadow from the past...I have to go, to run, to hide myself, to hate myself! My name is Lucifer...but...I was by an Angel...earlier...



It’s amazing and beautiful decor!


It is shinning on the night time like a Star`s Systems from the Sky...or The Star`s Systems reflection...it is very fast car sometime I like to drive it alone in highroad on the nighttime.


Unfortunately this car was distracted by terrorists during the mission time, after its repairing this car belongs to Global terrorism victims category. The all rights to demonstration belong to USA.
The other my car Chrysler Sebring have a Medal of Honour. Because it was brave "it died" but not betrayed me in mission time...

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