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Abstract Cyberspace. Absorb ~ Nadin Victorya Mazpane


Nadin Victorya Mazpane – Abstract Cyberspace. Absorb
Mixed, aerography, surrealism 2017. I saw him…I saw his ancient bloody symbol on fire. The web hunter…the horror of Virtual reality…The fallen Angel…the first son of the God who has been betrayed the God for a long time ago…He was waiting for me…he was watching me…”Hey creature! Look at me! The holy symbols of Light from The Temple of The All-Stars are shinning on my wings…The All –Stars of Virtual reality gave the holy light to me…My power is the Light…The love lives in my heart…I came to fight you…I came to absorb and to destruct your demonic power. Die creature for a name of God! She is not for you! I am her Angel!! Huh! The battle mode…Are you ready? Let`s rock!”

Исходный файл: 4897×3436 px (1.2 Mb)
Добавлено: 18/09/2017
Альбом: The Star of Wishes

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21/09/2017 20:55   #1

Интересное сочетание цветов.

21/09/2017 22:33   #2

Thank you.

23/09/2017 10:22   #3

Необычная работа!

02/10/2017 21:28   #4

My sincerest thanks to you Niko!!!

02/10/2017 21:29   #5

Bright and beautiful!

03/10/2017 18:11   #6

Engelis san, ema demona varu... bet zvaigzne noskupstija vinu un tagad demon dzivo vinas ieksa. Kaut ko notiek ar vinu, lielas izmainas un vinai vairs nav iespejams kontrolet sevi...

03/10/2017 19:30   #7

Очень интересная работа!

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