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Abstract Cyberspace Dreamstime ~ Nadin Victorya Mazpane


Nadin Victorya Mazpane – Abstract Cyberspace Dreamstime
Mixed, aerography, surrealism 2017. “Where I`m...What the place it is? What the wonderful forms? Is it any microschems of Constellations in Virtual reality heaven? Hallo! I`m Edward... Is anybody in here?”...”Welcome...I`m the Great World Creator. Nice to meet you. I know you...you are the son of the Constellation the Great Bear. I know about your mission. You want to defeat my first born son Lucifer. you lost in the your first defeance with Lucifer. Your journey ends here...I have to restore and return you to your reality. My son Lucifer has too strong power you cant defeat him in Virtual reality, bet you could to do this in your world. Lucifer is the dark side of my soul. I can help you defeat him in real mode battle. Now go...you have to wake up in your world in real mode.”

Исходный файл: 4897×3434 px (1.6 Mb)
Добавлено: 08/09/2017
Альбом: The Star of Wishes

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Thank you Olga!

09/09/2017 11:22   #3

Интересно и очень красиво. очень!

10/09/2017 01:07   #5

My sincerest thanks to you Natalija!!! Un Liels paldies jūms Sergej!!!

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Thank you! This artwork has a lot of effects in original format.

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