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CYBERSPACE. THE CODE ~ Nadin Victorya Mazpane


Nadin Victorya Mazpane – CYBERSPACE. THE CODE
Mixed 2018. a fragment from ””The Star of Wishes”” Cyberspace. The Code. ””I was looking at the cloudy mirror of Destiny...and saw my reflection...Who is MY name is Lucifer...I`m...Just a shadow from the past...I have to run... to hide hate myself...but I was by Angel...earlier...””

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Добавлено: 01/01/2018
Альбом: The Star of Wishes

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02/01/2018 03:19   #1

Happy New Year 2018!
Best wishes!

02/01/2018 05:10   #2

My sincerest thanks, I wish the same to you too!!!
Happy New Year!!!

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