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Nadin Victorya Mazpane ➝ Альбом «The Star of Wishes» ➝ Hell of Win Поделиться:

Nadin Victorya Mazpane

((Latvia, USA))

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Hell of Win

Цифровое искусство
3465×2473 px, 1.8 Mb, 30/10/2017
Nadin Victorya Mazpane - The Star of Wishes - Hell of Win

Mixed 2017.
Bit earlier…
“Come to me!”….”don`t answer”…I looked to the abyss and saw the one women….she was so beautiful…she was sitting near the mirror…she said the something, I understood…she calls to the new Angel of Light…But the something was wrong….I looked at the mirror, and saw the ugly an ancient witch reflection… She said “Come to me! Love me! Take me away…I am waiting for you…your death awaits you…”I understood she is laughing at him again…But she turned her eyes and saw me….I saw her horrible mouth with sharp dents. She looked at me and said “Death awaits you!” and the terrible pain destructed my mind in this moment…I was falling to the abyss…But somebody gave me the hand and saved my live…I awoke again…The Imperia? I am still alive! Where I am? I looked to the window and saw an unknown amazing big city with the government building in the middle of the city… and…The Red, White and Blue flag with the fifty stars blowing in the wind…



Ļoti skaista!


Liels paldies!!!


Подводный житель!


No! This is..."Cert poberi! "
Thank you!!!

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