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She Mine ~ Nadin Victorya Mazpane


Nadin Victorya Mazpane – She Mine
Mixed, surrealism, abstakcionism, modernizm, 2017. The time of Virtual reality had got slowly to run again. The Destiny awoke. She was looking at an Angel of Light and saw him. He slept and had a dream. But the something was wrong at his dream. An Angel tried to do the something in his dream. The something has afraid him in his dream. “Where did you were in your lost dream” asked the Destiny an ahead Angel of Light, when he awoke. “I was in the space of the Virtual reality. I was too far away from this place where we are” answered an Angel. “I heard for Edward`s praying. He asked for help. I was staying behind him next to you in the middle of Small Square. You held on the five stars. The stars was shining in your arms. We slowly flew in the Virtual space. But the Virtual sky has changed” continued an Angel. “I understood. The something is happening. I was afraid. The sky of Virtual reality has changed again. I was looking forward and saw not The Constellation of the Great Bear. It has missed from the Virtual heaven. The red neon color light sky slowly got down to us from the Virtual heaven. And we saw the angry demon face. He was in madness. The demon said the something. His magic was too strong and Edward fell down to the square floor. The demon has turned his horrible face to my side “She mine!” said the demon. His angry eyes were full of madness.”

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Альбом: The Star of Wishes

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Interesting, beautiful, unusual!

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My sincerest thanks with my best regards!

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