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The Constellation of Baltic Sea ~ Nadin Victorya Mazpane


Nadin Victorya Mazpane – The Constellation of Baltic Sea
Modernizm, mixed, random, the same, combo...2017. “Please stop the time!” said the Destiny. “Find me the star! I want to see the symbol!” “I think I have been seen the same symbol…somewhere earlier…” “As your wish!” answered the forces of Destiny and turned back the time. “We have found her in the past!” In was in a night time. The star used to look from the sky to the one good-looking men and used to hide herself under the Baltic Sea water…Maybe she used to dislike him...maybe she used to dislike his wishes…The Destiny saw the symbol on the fire for a moment. It used to shine under the water as a fragment of the star`s crown, who has been hidden. She was wonder…that symbol belong to the one ancient Goodness whose name was Fortuna. But Fortuna has been left the Universe for a long time ago; after them… the God has destructed the paradise by his own hands. The Baltic Sea was pacific… The red neon`s color sunset has gone, and the all-stars’ used to shine in the sky…The Destiny saw their reflections in the Baltic Sea water. She saw The Temple of The All Stars` in future. The stars stood around their Angel of Light throne. He was injured by the golden arrow. The stars helped to Angel get up to his throne…bet they can`t help him to take the arrow from his heart. The strong magic not allowed taking this arrow. “Hi is awaking!” said the stars. He has opened the eyes…bet not found her…“My love…where is she?” asked the Angel. “She is not here…We`re sorry”…said the stars. The son of the Constellation`s of the Great Bear has gone to the demon world. Your love first you met her…was by demon`s bride. He has to stop the wedding ceremony, to defeat the demon and return back your love. “So hurt!” said an Angel…and the stars saw the big tears in his face. The Destiny looked from the mirror to the small and to the big countries in Baltic seaside and said…”She was born somewhere in the north…” “The stars` please show me the way!” asked the Destiny…and saw the Constellation of Great Bear…The Great Bear said “You right! My son was born in Latvia…but she came… from the North…

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Альбом: The Star of Wishes

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08/07/2017 16:33   #1

Brīnišķīga kaklarota!

08/07/2017 16:57   #2

Liels paldies!!! Ta izskātas daudz labāk nekā uz bilde...šoreiz nepaveicās ar bilde, laikam tapēc kā ta ir parāk lielā.

08/07/2017 21:35   #3

Очень красивое украшение!

08/07/2017 22:59   #4

Thank you Galina!!!

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Thank you!!!

11/07/2017 18:41   #7

Очень красиво!!!

11/07/2017 23:25   #8

Thank you Margarita!!!

12/07/2017 13:22   #9

Какая изящная работа! Красота!

12/07/2017 15:23   #10

Thank you!!! This artwork "The Constellation of Baltic sea"... it is... for the all virtual stars`from neighbour`s countries or not... it is my little present for the all us!!!

13/07/2017 20:33   #11

13/07/2017 23:56   #12

Liels paldies Jūms!!!

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19/07/2017 12:28   #14

Thank you Olga!!!

13/09/2018 17:25   #15

И правда Балтика – прохлада и солнце в ракушках и сети

13/09/2018 17:27   #16

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