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The Fire@The Night ~ Nadin Victorya Mazpane


Nadin Victorya Mazpane – The Fire@The Night
Mixed 2017. It was the 23th of June …`The fantastical beautiful Sierra nebula`s clouds have opened the fantastical Heaven of Virtual reality for a moment…The all-stars were shining on the Virtual Reality. The star was looking to the cloudy mirror and asked `Destiny…please show him. `Meantime the one good-looking man was sitting on the chair at his office. He was the honest an intelligent and educated man. ` The current place of his location please…this country calls by Latvia` answered the Destiny. The God very carefully was looking from the sky to the Earth. He saw the little country in the Baltic Sea coast, and he saw him… who was sitting in his office and reading some documents…the God carefully looked at his eyes. The time of Universe has been stopped for a moment while the God was thinking about this man…meantime the invisible virtual star was staying this man behind and was looking at the God...`”I agree” said the God...” I accept your choice, the all allowed…you might take him to Heaven!”...

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Альбом: The Star of Wishes

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01/08/2017 17:53   #1

Very interesting! Very nice!!!

01/08/2017 19:23   #2

Thank you Artflash! Modernizm... Theme from Latvian epic poem "Lacplesis" "Fire@night"(Uguns un nakts). Unfortunately... the evil exists in the world...

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