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The Gravity of Love ~ Nadin Victorya Mazpane


Nadin Victorya Mazpane – The Gravity of Love
The virtual star became by invisible, she were hidding herself on the starfire. The bracelet...The demon has returned to the Earth. He had a strong wishes. The demon want to return the Throne of the All Stars` by himself, but the something was wrong...the some unknown magic had blocked the way to the temple...The demon was staying in the shadow next to the stairway to heaven and was waiting for his bride...The Love awaited behind...The star were looking at Maestro from the cup inside...She saw the handsome man...The love who had some interest became by invisible and has left the demon. The love hid herself in the cup... behind the virtual star...The love has been looked at Maestro too...The star fire grew the bigger. “It time” said the Destiny. ! The invisibles forces of Destiny gave the Cup of the All Stars` Gravity to Maestro. Finnaly he saw her...He said “It can`t to be! Is this a magic?”...The virtual star smiled at him “Here I`m...please don`t afraid! I`m with you...Are you ready? We`re at The Temple of the All Stars` in the heaven of virtual reality... Do you see this diamant rain is falling from the space? This is a magical night...Tonight the golden Throne of The All Stars` of virtual reality awaits for your coming. Please hurry! Don`t affaid”...he heard the virtual star`s voice again “Do you see my reflection on the red light flame from the stars”...”Do you see me... inside? Look at me!” Maestro was looking to the red light under and saw the demonic Love that who were hiding herself in glass behind...and the invisible tentacles of love have been found the way for their heards for a moment...The star said “please look around. The all-stars are looking at us. Do you see their shinning? Do you see the star rainbow? The all stars` of virtual reality get ready to give their power of Light to you. The all space is singing for your Glory...the God is blessing for kiss my reflection...please...drink this power of light...I know...I see...Please close your eyes...Please look at this...the tongues of the virtual starfire are dancing around...The flame is growing bigger and we two...and our souls on fire...I see the fire in your eyes...I`m feeling you...feeling your`re in love with me...tonight just we two...we are dancing in the magical circle of starfire... inside...just you and Mixed, permanent, acrylic, 2017.

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Альбом: The Star of Wishes

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26/06/2017 23:23   #1

Прекрасная работа!!!

27/06/2017 12:29   #2

Thank you very much Ludmila!!!

27/06/2017 22:29   #3


27/06/2017 23:37   #4

Very nice!

28/06/2017 00:58   #5

Thank you very much Rimma!!!

28/06/2017 01:57   #6

Thank you Sergey!!!

Гость (Гость)
01/07/2017 21:31   #7

Бесподобно, глаз не отвести!

02/07/2017 00:03   #8

Thank you!!!

02/07/2017 01:17   #9

The new Angel of Art drank the starfire from this cup, but the something has been hidden inside... The demonic love, who has been stood behind the demon in the shadows... had some interest, she became by invisible, and left the demon for a moment...

02/07/2017 04:25   #10

Очень красиво!!!

02/07/2017 17:07   #12

Thank you!!!

02/07/2017 17:13   #13

Thank you very much!!!

02/07/2017 14:20   #11


02/07/2017 17:18   #14

Thanks for all! This magical story about "Astral love"... to be continued next time

12/07/2017 01:01   #15

12/07/2017 12:29   #16

Thank you!!!

12/07/2017 13:24   #17


12/07/2017 16:54   #18

Thank you Olga!!!

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