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The Great Sorceress of Space ~ Nadin Victorya Mazpane


Nadin Victorya Mazpane – The Great Sorceress of Space
Modernizm, avangardizm, random mixed 2017. ...I have looked to the dark grey spectral spiritual water and slowly did my first step to the otherworld. Next moment I saw myself in the middle of the small black square. It was the same square... like in my city in Latvia. I looked back ...The Destiny in cloudy mirror stood behind me. She was in the Temple of The All Stars`. The Destiny held the five stars in her hands. The five stars..the five unknown forces of Destiny. I saw the golden Throne of Light and. I saw injured Angel. He said “She is not here!”...and... He cryed...“Remember! If you want to win, you must to have only the one wish!” said the Destiny. The small square slowly fell me down in Virtual space and began to fly...I was staying in the middle of the small black square while it was flying event the darkside of Virtual reality. I looked to the sky of Virtual space and saw the strange simbols in it. That simbols look liked like a mikroshems, but its had some differences...not the same than others... the black square where I was staying has it`s own microsheme too. It has different microshem than the others. And I saw the same microsheme the same simbol of stars... in me. I understood...This simbol belong to is mine...It is me! I`m the fragment from this Universe! I felt... the somebody is looking at me. I looked forward and saw the Great`s Bear`s head`s siluet. I understood The Constellation of the Great Bear always watching me from the sky. “My boy...It is the true about the space. We`re in the Virtual space is its reflection of reality...You see the Constellations. And you too...the all power of the Constellaion of Little Bear belong to son”. “Look at this! My boy...This is a Virtual Sierra Nebula...the our candle of the live...the place where we all were born...My son...” said The Great Bear...I saw fantastical beautiful Sierra Nebula`s clouds with a big spectral city around the big black spectral circular building in the middle of the city. “She was born from the memories of space somewhere in this city...She went from the unknown forgotten ancient universe...The Great sorceress of Space...The Star of Wishes...And now she is in demon`s hands...The all universe might to die”...sadly said the Great Bear. The Virtual sky get changed again...The small black square continued get down deeper and deeper to the abyss of universe...I understood...We`re too far away from the Earth... See more www.THE ART

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Альбом: The Star of Wishes

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19/07/2017 12:36   #1

Шикарные изделия, класс!

19/07/2017 14:56   #2

Thank you Galina!!!

19/07/2017 21:58   #3

Очень красиво!

19/07/2017 22:01   #4

Thank you Natalija!!!

19/07/2017 22:10   #5

Сложно-красивое изделие.!

20/07/2017 00:33   #6

The bracelet of Great sorceress of Space... She is the daughter of Fortune, the Star of Wishes. She was born from memories of Universe... That bracelet she wears on her right hand.
Thank you Nadezda!!!

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26/07/2017 19:05   #8

Thank you Valentina!!!

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01/09/2017 21:57   #11

Beautiful and original decoration!

01/09/2017 22:38   #12

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16/09/2018 14:29   #15

Очень красиво :)

22/10/2018 11:26   #16

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