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The Lost Paradise ~ Nadin Victorya Mazpane


Nadin Victorya Mazpane – The Lost Paradise
Mixed 2017. The wind deposited some words from space to me…”Come to me!”…and another voice said “Don`t answer! “ I looked to the virtual heaven and saw nothing… just a shining of the unknown stars…Where are you the Star of Wishes? Please give me your Light…Please show me the way to home…

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Добавлено: 21/10/2017
Альбом: The Star of Wishes

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31/10/2017 17:26   #1

Ļoti skaista!

31/10/2017 20:29   #2

"Vision of paradise" katram protams ir sava paradize... Liels paldies jums!!!

08/12/2017 14:26   #3

переливы цвета красивые!

09/12/2017 20:53   #4

a fragment of fantasy...

13/09/2018 16:15   #5

Paradise is always there. Only people look the other way.

13/09/2018 16:49   #6

You right, but time by time we have mistakes, and we lost the Paradise... and we have to create the Paradise by ourself again...

11/11/2018 07:53   #7

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