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The Red Matter ~ Nadin Victorya Mazpane


Nadin Victorya Mazpane – The Red Matter
Mixed, surrealism, abstractionism, modernism, 2017. ”The wind blew some words from the past…to me. The some words have been missed in time ”Here I`m...Between pleasure and pain, between the live and the death...Without you...I`m lost in this Spiritual world...I`m lost without you...”” a fragment from ”Morning Star”

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Добавлено: 22/08/2017
Альбом: The Star of Wishes

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22/08/2017 09:04   #1

Very nice!

23/08/2017 23:45   #2

Thank you Artflash!

25/08/2017 21:58   #3

Что там ветер надул не знаю, а то что вижу я, так это или огненный петух, или жар птица, или птица ФЕНИКС. Загадочно и красиво, когда абстрактно. Голосую!

25/08/2017 22:50   #4

Thank you Nadezda!!! You right... this is a fragment of the Phoenix death.

26/08/2017 00:04   #5

Meantime... the demonic power was too strong... stronger than the power of Light. Because the demon Lucifer obtains and holds on the Star of Wishes in his arms. Our Hero fell down from this demonical power. The Destiny lost a half of power... this is a fragment when the death is stronger than live... when the pain is too strong…this is a Mental world... a vision after the clinical death...

27/08/2017 18:08   #6

Interesting, unusual, very colorful abstract!

28/08/2017 22:32   #7

My heartfelt thanks to you Oksana!!!

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