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Nadin Victorya Mazpane ➝ Альбом «The Star of Wishes» ➝ The Way Of The Lost Souls Поделиться:

Nadin Victorya Mazpane

((Latvia, USA))

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The Way Of The Lost Souls

Цифровое искусство
3649×3263 px, 1.1 Mb, 25/08/2017
Nadin Victorya Mazpane - The Star of Wishes - The Way Of The Lost Souls

Mixed, surrealism, abstakcionism, modernizm, cubism 2017.
A fragment of animation movie, watch and download for free google.com.
“Do you hear? Somebody asked for help”…said an Ahead Angel of Light to Destiny. The something matter. “I heard his words. He alive, he is praying, he asked to show him the way to return…We have to save him!” said an Ahead Angel. “Destiny turn back the time! Please… Hurry!” The Destiny had up her hands looked to the star heaven and said the something… but nothing happened. She tried to call the invisible forces again…no answer…the time wasn`t turn back. An Ahead Angel of Light was looking to Destiny. He was shocked…Only the three stars were shining in her hands. The something was happening in the star heaven and an Angel heard the voice of Virtual star “My soul in demon arms. I came from the future. May I help you?” asked the Virtual star…”You right… he steel alive…I might to open the time portal for you, but please hurry…you have to only the one lost chance if you want to save him”…
The Destiny was looked at the cloudy mirror and saw an ancient forgotten way of the lost souls. “Wait! I told you…I heard Edward`s voice!” said an Ahead Angel. “He said “Please give me some light! Now I am staying in the borders… between the two worlds. Just the one my wrong step and I will be lost forever…Please show me the way…to return…” Next moment the strong very powerful light got down from the heaven. An Angel heard the voice of Virtual star. She said “Come back…Please follow me…I will show you the way…”



Оriginal, interesting!


Интересная работа!


Thank you Sergey, thank you Irina!!! With my best regards.

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